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High Street bustles with galleries, everyone knows everyone and there is a collective sense of near-bemusement — as well as gratitude — that their community still thrives.Locals chuckle at how a newspaper report once described them as "pathologically friendly" — and promptly prove the point by inviting strangers into their homes and studios.Neal wrote that locals laughed when the men bought a crumbling limestone cottage on Shake Rag Street, so named because miners' wives shook white rags when it was time for the men to return from the hills for dinner.They set about restoring it and, though they had little culinary experience, they opened a restaurant in the 1930s called Pendarvis House — named after an estate in Cornwall.

"People are following their dreams whatever those dreams are and that makes for such a great sense of creative spirit and adventure and fun."Bruce Howdle, who creates enormous ceramic sculptures, attributes the town's draw to the "three A's — art, antiques and architecture, as well as the rolling hills, the extraordinary collage of people and the welcoming environment."There is also figgyhobbin, .50 a slice at the Red Rooster cafe.

MINERAL POINT, WISCONSIN.: About 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Madison, about 130 miles (209 kilometers) from Milwaukee, HISTORIC SITE: Open daily, May 7-Oct. Workshop details: STAGE: Performance schedules, CORNISH FESTIVAL: Sept.

It was not as rich agriculturally as Mecklenburg, had fewer small farms, and more great estates.

By the 1930s, the old stone houses were dilapidated and the place was nearly extinct."The whole town was pretty decrepit," wrote Robert Moser Neal, describing his shock when he returned from years abroad to find his hometown dying.

So Neal, and his partner, Edgar Hellum (the two met at the Art Institute of Chicago) decided to devote their lives to saving Mineral Point.


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