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All the hidden dating site in azerbaijan

Nizami Street (Nizami Küçəsi) is nicknamed “shopping street” for all the high street shops that line it, which stay open late hoping to lure in casual browsers, but it’s also a destination for late-night snacking.Skip the “tornado potato” sticks and stop into any of the many, many döner shops for an Azeri-style kebab.The city is oriented towards the water and the breeze coming off of it, and the best stretch of waterfront is reserved for recreation and entertainment.Milli Park and its wide pedestrian promenade, named Dənizkənarı Bulvar, trace the curve of the bay and provide plenty of sunshine and space for jogging, cycling, dog-walking, and rollerblading (yes, rollerblading still a thing here).Best of all, transport is cheap – a four-ride “BakıKart” costs 1 manat (£0.46).This is the setting for your next Facebook profile photo.Low seating, Azeri wool carpets, tasselled silk curtains, and carved wood screens section off the Old Baku Tea House into semi-private nooks ideal for lounging and playing backgammon.

Since 2015, Azerbaijan’s currency has halved in value against the pound.It comes complete with fresh lemon slices, cubed sugar, a variety of nuts and dried fruits and a plate of fresh , Azerbaijan’s version of baklava.On a nice night thousands of locals finish their day with a walk through Baku’s pedestrian zone flanked by embassies, corporate headquarters, and palatial residences in architectural styles that range from neo-Moorish to baroque.As an ancient centre of carpet weaving, you can be sure Baku has rugs to sell you.Skip the hawkers of the Old City for the shop within the Carpet Museum , where the staff can fully articulate the origin, history, and significance of the materials and design of each carpet.Prices for large rugs begin at 1000 AZN (£460), but haggling is encouraged, especially if you have your eyes on more than one.The carpet museum stocks rugs of both wool and silk with cotton, and only those handmade within Azerbaijan using traditional methods and themes.Public transportation may not seem like an activity you want to experience on holiday, but Baku’s tidy metro and web of underground pedestrian passages (most with escalators) make it supremely easy to pack lots of sights into one day, even if they’re across town.The underground stations themselves even showcase dramatic design, such as with the Old City’s glass pyramid and carpet-print entrance and the fluted columns of the platform at Ganjlik Mall, the largest mall in Azerbaijan.The Heydar Aliyev Centre (Heydər Əliyev Mərkəzi) is Azerbaijan taking a hard stance against the brutalist Soviet architecture of its past for a future of beauty and technology.It’s a masterwork of Zaha Hadid’s firm and stunning from every angle, inside and out. Entry is 15 manat (£6.90) and for the fee you’ll be able to access an exhibition on Heydar Aliyev, a floor of detailed scale models of Azerbaijan’s most important architectural works, and a small museum showcasing Azerbaijani crafts, customs, and culture.


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