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Baseball dating terminology

So from the home plate, the batter needs to claim the first base first by touching it, then the second, then the third before the opponents do the same by getting the ball there.If the batter returns all the way to the home plate that is called a home-run, which is also a sexual metaphor we will get to later.If you’re wondering why did you have to learn what are the bases in dating and why did the universal metaphor come down to baseball, well, just remember how the guy hitting the ball is called and you’ll get it.As you were at second base, you realized you had a shot at an inside the park homerun.But since you Googled “what are the bases in dating” you must either be a non-US citizen or eight years old, in which case you should be quick as your older brother might get into the room and you’ll have to endure years of getting made fun of brutally for this search. But in case you’re not from the North American continent or Japan and have the luck of not knowing anything about baseball, this terminology can be too confusing and you end up knowing only that something sexual happened between two people. Baseball is a deeply complicated game with a lot of “ifs” and “but ifs” so it cannot be explained in great detail here, nor is that why you are here for.But you need to know some rules of this sport so you can understand the metaphor.The fact is that every person has heard a high schooler brag about his romantic conquest with the lines like “yeah, I totally went to second base with Michelle last you, you know it, ha-ha”: high fives his friend.

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Remember back in middle school when baseball terms were used to describe how far you had gotten with a boy or girl that tickled your fancy? You would have had sex, but someone forgot the protection. Like when your woman brings in a relief pitcher—oh yes, she brought in the vibrator.

Yet, for some second base is only when it’s skin to skin action, meaning bare boobs and under the jeans ass grab.

You know, the stuff of which teenage dreams are made off.

Like in baseball, the first base is a good place to build upon.

The step-up from kissing, but also a more vague term as it signals touching of the more interesting body parts like butt and boobs.


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