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Dating a paraplegic guy

When you are successful at adapting yourself and accepting yourself; then, you will be able to find someone.

Problem is, will you find that someone acceptable to you??? The one who will love you will not see you in a chair.

When they finally learn I am in a wheelchair they suddenly do a fast reverse as they run for the hills. What are the extents of your condition at this point? I admit to being completely ignorant as far as physical injuries and paraplegics, and such. But if you're in a wheelchair, I'm presuming that there is some level of paralysis, from the waist down or whatnot. Like I said, I read your profile and looked at your pictures, and wow...

The reality of the situation is I am still able to do most everything I did before. As far as, what is your range of motion, level of active participation, ability to feel and have orgasms, etc? you are a VERY beautiful and sexy woman, and you're clearly intelligent and well spoken. All you can do is stress what you are able to do and hope you will cross paths with an intelligent individual.

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I am having a very hard time of going from one end of the desirable scale to the other virtually overnight. To overcome an injury like that is a wonderful thing. But as far as dating, one reason guys might tend to get freaked out, and "run for the hills", could be because they have cncerns that they are about to get involved in a no-sex-possible relationship. Visions of wheeling you everywhere, helping you up and down, and into vehicles, tending to your needs, etc. I'm just speculating, and I hope you know that I know better. Hell, if I were faced with a similar situation, I might think things like that myself, not knowing anything about the woman.I dont know if he will pop up in here, but it couldnt hurt?I understand the lack of response but come on, this is a dating site.Posted by Joeleen on Jan 11, 3: Another thing to be aware of is that third parties will sometimes ignore the person in the wheelchair.He learned all he needed to 100 free trucker dating sites for me. However, we believe that debate and openness is better, even if that means allowing publication of views that other people may find wholly disagreeable.We see so much more when we open ourselves up to it.And most never will, but, I am sure you will meet that one person that sees into you. Take care, Eira30I would have no problem dating someone in a wheelchair, But to be honest I have no clue what your going threw.. I can add this, there is a nice man iv talked with the other day in my area who' looking for friends (i think? Maybe he would be up to talking to you and give you some ideas how he got/getting threw what you are?My ego is shot to bits as I am constantly passed over worse. Or at best, sex with someone who can't move at all, and can't feel anything. Now hey, I KNOW that you are a strong and independent woman. It's like the guy who finds out that "She's got a kid! ) and thinks, "Hell, I'm looking to become a boyfriend. Having the responsibility for someone else's life, (someone you didn't even know yesterday), dropped into your lap overnight... Anyway, like I said, I am just tossing out ideas here, as they pop into my head.Imagine having someone hounding you to get together but they have failed to read the profile. Take 'em for what they're worth (if anything) and please don't be offended.Many people are looking for someone in your situation.The problem is, that you have not yet adapted to it. To adapt to the new person in the new circumstances that you are in.


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