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A month later after careful washing, I went back to the doctor and told her the new update.

The skin between my scrotum and thigh developed a rash.

Some are quite exact, while others are more approximate.

This chart shows likely dates of composition for the New Testament books.

Original translations of specific verses from throughout the Bible can be found in the Translation Index.

Commentary: While the canon of scripture is indeed inspired, the placement of the books is not.

I hope my attention to detail is enough to spark something in your mind, and Thank You in Advance. Your symptoms are not particuarly suggestive of herpes or any other STD, and you have seen an apparently knowledgeable doctor who has told you the same thing.

Continue to follow up with your doctor and direct your questions to her.

Symptoms seemed to let up for 3 days or so, then they were back.Just before the encounters, I had 4 rounds of antibiotics (one for a face surgery, and 3 more 2 weeks later because I was peeing very frequently, and the planned parenthood doctor, just gave me three antibiotics for chlam, gon, and trich without testing me).About 2 weeks after the sexual encounters I got some red bumps, and itching in my pubic area and went back to the doctor.That said, I do give above my own best estimate of the order of writing, and for more information you can of course always consult a good, conservative study Bible or Old / New Testament introduction (a good Bible dictionary like Unger's also has a synopsis of most of these arguments listed under the individual books).The site provides translations and commentary for these sources, including the New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers, and some non-Christian references.Today, the area between my legs feels like it is irritated, or almost like I am rubbing myself raw when I walk.My genital area feels moist and uncomfortable a lot, but no pain.New Testament (n.b., this is a "higher chronology" than you will find elsewhere = dates are earlier; numbers in bold represent the traditional New Testament English order; parenthetical bold numbers are the traditional order in the Bible overall): series (wherein a verse by verse exegesis of the entire book). About 5 months ago, I broke up with a girlfriend and went of the deep end a little.My urethra does not feel irritated, and it does not burn when I pee.I got chlamydia a couple of YEARS ago when a girlfriend cheated on me, but was treated accordingly.


  1. Scholars say that some of the earliest individual books were written down probably beginning near the end of the thirteenth century BC — perhaps 1200 BC

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