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this year - running at a mind-blowing 1 .5 Terahertz (which translates nicely into 1, 500GHz) and featuring structures less than three atomic layers wide.

Intel is also actively involved in helping the industry develop Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) lithography, which can print the transistors onto an extremely thin piece of silicon.

O Apple's new 'IPod' personal audio player is unofficially the most impressive MPS player we've seen since the last really good one that came along. O Bill Gates is unlikely to be pursuing an acting career before retirement, but he's got his foot in the door after agreeing to make a guest appearance in the 200th episode of Frasier- the popular sitcom based in his home town of Seattle. LEARN FROM THE MASTERS PRE-RECORDED GAMES AND ADDITIONAL CONTENT m^ ^£3t £■ 2001 Mkrasoft Consormrai. M«™»n WB i Bp Btoie O Ir^ BULLETIH CHARTS Everything you need to know about which games are selling by the shedload.

It has an ultra-fast Fire Wire connection that automatically uploads your entire playlist in seconds, as well as a 5Gb hard disk that can store arbitrary files as well as music. Gates will play himself as he bores Dr Crane's radio audience with details of Microsoft's forthcoming software line-up. Plus the buzz on the streets - where you tell us what's hot and whats not megastores ■i^^ ^^^^^^M ^^^^^^M 1 • « A«i I& Ei^Ni - Ag^T0P10Ci OCT NOV TITLE THEBUZZONTHIESTRETS CHAMPKt W; ' W SPORTS INTER) C&C RED ALERT 2: YURI'S REVENGE WESTWOOD COMMANDOS 2: MEN OF COURAGE PYRO S TUDIOS STRDNGHOID FIREFLY SPORTS INTERACTIVE EIDOS C&C: RED AL£RT 2 OPERATION FLASHPOINT THE SIMS: HODSE PARTT^ RED FACTIO N THE SIMS FIREFLY TAKE 2 84% REMEDY TAKE 2 90% WESTWOOD I BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE COOEMASTERS 90% MAXIS VOLITION THO 73% MAXIS EA 86% am Oeaiv CDart Track QELSPA For once there Is actually a good selection and surprise, surprise Champ Manageris top!!

Intel is worlcing with the latest technology in their quest for speed BBUL or 'Bumpless Build-Up Layer' packaging will be the key to achieving Intel's previously quoted 20GHz chip within the next few years.

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The user base has shifted away to a number of other _ alternatives, which collectively cater for considerably more members than Napster ever did. consensus now is that the millions of dollars spent on legal fees by the recording industry to achieve its ends was a big waste of money.

To keep everyone happy, it's fully customisable and there's even a variety of built-in energy-saving functions.

O VIA is making a minor comeback in the unforgiving world of PC processors with their upcoming 'Pentium 4 clone', codenamed the CZA.

Since VIA will be using key design concepts found in the P4, there may be friction from Intel in the form of further lawsuits against the company.

The CZA will surface in 2003, manufactured in a 0.10-micron process.


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