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Out registers are the in registers for the next window.The number of register windows ranges from 2 to 32, depending on the processor implementation.Various device issues and the PROM used in Oracle platforms are also covered.Note - The material in this appendix is for informational purposes only.This appendix discusses general issues about hardware that is capable of supporting the Oracle Solaris OS.The discussion includes the processor, bus architectures, and memory models that are supported by the operating system.Because a driver might run on a Version 7, Version 8, or Version 9 processor, avoid intensive integer multiplication and division.Instead, use bitwise left and right shifts to multiply and divide by powers of two.

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The SPARC Compliance Definition, Version 2.4, contains details of the application binary interface (ABI) for SPARC V9.

The least significant byte is stored at the highest address for words in this processor.

For example, byte 63 is the least significant byte for 64-bit processors. Each register window consists of eight in registers, eight local registers, eight out registers, and eight global registers.

The manual describes the 32-bit SPARC V8 ABI and the 64-bit SPARC V9 ABI.

You can obtain this document from SPARC International at However, extra memory cycles might be required for the x86 processor to properly handle misaligned data transfers.


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