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We also 'did it' with Leo Ford for free, and it was Incredible!

We 'did it' with cole carpetner for free and it was also wonderful/We blew a str8 porno man for free with a huge piece but we forgot his name.

We met on a website and after talking for a while (I didn't believe it was him at first), we agreed to meet up. He lives in HK in NYC and has lots of fish in tanks for some reason. When we first met and we kissed each other on the cheek, and his breath smelled like cum.

I'm sure he does know the definition of "icon."I passed on a sure thing with Joey Stefano.

made me feel like I was imposing on his time)Matt Sizemore (Really great in bed)Fredrik Ford (sex just ok)Chase Hunter (hot, hot HOT!!! From Military Classified, I've had sex with Wesley and Jake. He followed us back to my friends apartment and he put on a little solo show for us. I think he was trying to tease us and then ask to be paid. He thinks he's street smart but he has absolutely no smarts (street or otherwise)and would not stop talking about himself. Kind of had that Charlie Brown persona but he was just an annoying leach. I met Ricky Martinez at Micky's (gay bar)in West Hollywood.

I think he agreed go to back to the hotel room because he was digging the attention he was getting from one of the guys (although he kept saying he was straight) (of course, we met him at a gay club.) Once we got to the room, he offered to show his dick (huge) and a couple of guys played with it and sucked on it some. Just like the others said here, there was a certain sadness to him.

He was perfect in every way, at least in my opinion. Julian, like Peter North are all cut from the same cloth.

Gorgeous, great dick and loved to suck and get sucked. Self loathing gay guy with big dick afraid of what people think goes into straight porn but lives secret a gay life outside of the biz. I have never had sex with a porn star, however I have fantasized about fucking Will Clark and Lance Gear.

Nowadays I know Clark runs some sort of Porn Bingo in Manhattan and since I live in Massachusetts fantasize about visiting NYC, going to one of those evenings where Will sees me and takes me back to his place where I fuck him a number times.

To others I'd love to see naked in person are Mike Grant and Gus Maddox.


  1. I said “I can do it for you,” and then went in and deleted my entire We Chat history. I said “It looks like we’re going to a detention

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