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Intimidating advanced guestbook 2 3

Remember, these facilitation skills are useful beyond meetings: for planning; for "growing" new leaders; for resolving conflicts; and for keeping good communication in your organization. Being a good facilitator is both a skill and an art.

It is a skill in that people can learn certain techniques and can improve their ability with practice.

This builds a sense of power in the participants ("Hey, she isn't telling us how to act.

It's up to us to figure out what we think is important!

As a facilitator, the logistics of the meeting should be of great concern to you, whether you're responsible for them or not.

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The more you know about how to shape and run a good learning and planning process, the more your members will feel empowered about their own ideas and participation, stay invested in your organization, take on responsibility and ownership, and the better your meetings will be. We seem to always be going from one meeting to the next.

") and a much greater sense of investment in following the rules.

Common ground rules are: the meeting to guide the process along?

While a group of people might set the agenda and figure out the goals, one person needs to concentrate on how you are going to move through your agenda and meet those goals effectively.

This is the person we call the "facilitator." Well, it is and it isn't.


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