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Now he can do hatero porn without feeling bad about it.His regrets on his gay porn past are only conditioned by how high he regards what society thinks of homosexuality associated with porn.As a public indutry it tries to dissociate from any links to homosexuality, but at the same time it craves gay money.From the magazines to tickets for shows they like the money gay fans provide them with. Nobody ever doubted that straight people take a dimmer view of gay porn than straight porn.I bet if no gay bought All American Guys' stuff which is his new house today the studio would have a hard time trying to keep the business going.I don't understand why if he hates the "gay shit" he insists on selling his body to gay viewers.R76We can take the debate to the bodybuilding field which is very much connected to sex too and Stu is also part of that world.

Society as a whole thinks all porn stars are trash and you didn't acknowledge that.You also vilify judges and bodybuilding contests, but they are at the mercy of the advertisers, who want EVERYBODY -- including social conservatives -- to buy their products.So attack the root of the problem, not the symptoms.Search for articles regarding bodybuilders doing porn, it is all about gay porn; no one writes about bodybuilders doing heterosexual porn even though amny are doing it. Many bodybuilders do porn, some of them do hetero porn yet they never get called out for it, not even minimally questioned, but doing gay porn is frown upon in a world that is all about flaunting your nearly naked body for other men. Some bodybuilders are oportunistic and only see in gay men a source for easy money.The very few people who ever happen to mention bodybuilders doing heterosexual porn they do it as a triumph rather than an immoral thing. R111, of course there is a huge stigma to anything overtly gay.Because most people in society don't condemn hetero porn he would not feel as guilty if he did it.The "personality" section at the beginnings of Stu's videos (as above at R66) do not suggest an angry or homophobic guy.Kai Greene never took the first place because he did a form gay porn and everybody knows.It doesn't matter how many time he were to competed in the Mister Olympia thing, because he did GAY porn no judge would grant him the first place.This is not to say that heterosexual porn goes completely free of criticism; that is an accurate reasoning, but it certainly faces much less judgement. --I cannot get over that stupid name) is more handsome and equally sexually magnetic.I guess he does all the bulking up to change his appearance to put his "Sean Cody Stu" days behind him.


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