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The hardest hit island was Puerto Rico as it took a direct hit from the then Category 5 storm. “San Felipe Hurricane.” 1870-1879 Atlantic hurricane seasons.

Residents of the island were well prepared for the storm, however, and as a result the island had a fairly low death toll of about 300.

The present day 224 km (142 mi) dike, with a height ranging from 9.8 to 14 m (32 to 46 ft), was completed in 1937 and was later expanded to its present size in the 1960s in response to flooding from two other hurricanes in 1947. After directly crossing Lake Okeechobee, the forward motion of the storm turned northeast, bringing it across northern Florida without losing intensity.It then paralleled the coasts of eastern Georgia and the Carolinas, and steadily weakened.Some towns nearest the eye of the storm were almost fully destroyed. In total, several hundred thousand people were rendered homeless in Puerto Rico and an estimated million (1928 USD) in property and crop losses occurred. Source: NOAA This hurricane caused heavy casualties and extensive destruction along its path from the Leeward Islands to Florida.At least 1,500 lives were lost in the Caribbean as a direct result of the hurricane. Phil during the program, Carl still insists that he is going to prove everyone wrong, that Natalie exists and they will be together.For two years Carl has been paying to PPL dating sites for letters.The system gradually intensified as it moved westward, attaining Category 3 status near the Caribbean on 12 September. After crossing Guadeloupe, the hurricane continued to strengthen and struck Puerto Rico on 13 September as a powerful Category 5 storm with winds of 256 km/h (160 mph).The mountainous regions of the island saw up to 730 mm (29 in) of rainfall, the highest amount seen there in three decades.


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  2. The hurricane struck Puerto Rico on 13 September, which is the island's celebrated feast day of Saint Philip. This is actually the second time a major hurricane had been documented to strike Puerto Rico on that date, the other being in 1876. This prompted locals to refer to this storm as the “San Felipe Segundo” hurricane.

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