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Seinfeld george dating super model updating sketchup

Kramer tries to publish a coffee table book about coffee tables. Kramer attempts to impress his girlfriend's parents.

Jerry's girlfriend poses as his wife, in order to get a dry cleaning discount. Jerry longs for his privacy, as his parents visit for several weeks.

Later, he attempts to date another woman that he's always wanted to date. Kramer has convulsive reactions to Mary Hart's voice.

Kramer poses for a painting done by Jerry's girlfriend. Elaine gets chastised for wearing an Oriole's baseball cap at Yankee Stadium.

Jerry tracks down a hit-and-run driver and wants to date her.Elaine's new boyfriend, a "close talker", becomes obsessed with Jerry's parents. Elaine's boss wants Elaine to buy him a special pencil. Jerry's grandmother reveals that Uncle Leo was supposed to give money to his sister years prior. Jerry plans to meet a super model at an airport club.George wants financial credit for a salad lunch purchase for Elaine. Jerry has a rematch race against an old high school foe. Kramer decides to put pictures of every tenant in the building, in the lobby. Elaine reconsiders the quitting of her job, when she learns that she is named in the will of her boss. George helps a security guard in Susan's uncle store.Jerry is soured on his current relationship due to the fact that she once dated Newman. George's father, Frank, is seen with a man wearing a cape. Elaine is barred from ordering from a Chinese restaurant. Jerry tries to validate that there are no homes for rent in Tuscany. Kramer wins a lawsuit and resultingly gets free coffee as compensation.Jerry gets a date with a woman who calls his house mistakenly. Elaine makes a date with an operator from a wake-up service.Jerry desperately tries to get his girlfriend, a masseuse, to give him a massage. George makes a girl believe that his parent's home is his.George is obsessed with trying to get Jerry's girlfriend to like him. Jerry desperately tries to convince a native-American female, that he is not prejudiced.Jerry makes a disparaging remark about ponies to a relative of his who adores them, and after she subsequently dies, Jerry wrestles with the decision of whether to go to her funeral or his Championship softball game.George plots his revenge against his old boss, after he quits his job since he is demoted to use the regular bathroom.Jerry's apartment gets robbed, so Jerry looks to move into an apartment that George, a real estate agent, shows him.Kramer searches for the missing property, since he left Jerry's door open, and was repsonsible for the robbery.


  1. Seinfeld season 6 Seinfeld season. George's model girlfriend may be bulimic. Jerry plans to meet a super model at an airport club.

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  3. Three members of the Seinfeld cast got together for a mini-reunion on Sunday that aired during halftime of the Super Bowl. The spot featured Jerry Seinfeld.

  4. Here is a concise description of each of the 180 Seinfeld Episodes that. George takes to Communist personal ad dating. Jerry plans to meet a super model at.

  5. Seinfeld Reveals New Details About. Debra Messing would appear on Seinfeld as Beth. They began dating. Wentworth is married to news anchor George.

  6. The following is an episode list for the NBC sitcom, Seinfeld. In total, there are 180 episodes.

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