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A game that one person breezes through might take hours more of playtime for another, and that's just on one entry in a series.

Few things are more disheartening than finally catching up with the current strip and seeing an author's note listing the end of the comic.

I'm so sorry I judged you wrong- it wasn't your doing, I completely jumped to conclusions based on what others were telling me.

I am bi-curious and looking for company of other females only.

And speaking of drug use, Magolor did a terrifyingly humongous butt-load of - WOAH, SPOILERS!!!Besides, I'd rather chapter is pretty dense and full of parallel subplots to jump around between, so it's rare that a specific scene ever feels too slow beyond extended gags that go on too long.Even within this compromise, however, I wish they could just say "screw it" and condense moments they normally wouldn't to make up the difference later.I saw my friend and popular You Tuber Rogers Base suggest something along that line, and I got excited by the notion, but ultimately didn't feel like anything about her character in this episode was more significant than what the manga was already giving us.As of right now, it's just more screen time for the bunny girl.What if the little blonde was on the wrong road at the wrong time, ending up pregnant from the disturbing turn of events?but the more he learns about it and his mother’s legacy, the less he may actually want it.For everyone's best interest, they all play by society's rules.Lapis Lazuli, only 16 years old is plucked from her home and thrown into a desolate prison with no escape.Steven realized that he truly did not want to die, did not want to serve Homeworld, did not want this responsibility thrust into his lap, but it didn’t matter what he wanted.The episodes lately have been extra slow to a detrimental degree.


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